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6G & 5G Firewall Protection?

what is 6G & 5G Firewall Protection. I’ve been searching the net for videos and then articles on the subject of 6G & 5G Firewall Protection, and it was very hard to find a simple easy to understand explanation. I just wanted to know if i should enable 6G & 5G Firewall Protection on WP…


Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are another way to advertise or be advertised. Affiliate links are also a great way to earn micro payments or income, if you have a reasonable amount of traffic to your site. Some companies or websites will give out a percentage and others will give a flat rate for referring their product or…


SSL Integration

SSL Integration Integration of SSL into GoDaddy hosting¬†for a website. First of all purchase an SSL I recommend the cheapest as you just don’t want google scaring of your viewers with their¬†warnings up top. After purchase,¬†you will go to your order on purchase website and select Generate Cert Now. Then you will start the order…


Water Has Consciousness

Yes¬†Water Has Consciousness   you read it right, New discovery – Water does have Consciousness, that’s¬†what we will prove in this article now. consciousness –¬†the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings. so can you imagine if this is true and knowing we ourselves are¬†Up to¬†60%¬†water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of…


SSL Cheap

Cheap Affordable¬†SSL   https://comodosslstore.com is where I go to get SSL for my websites, they offer the cheapest guarantee and at the end of the day we just don’t¬†want google ruining our experience with owning and running a webpage/ Blog because they decide to change the rules¬†and deem every site without SSL as being some…


Is Islam a religion of peace

Is Islam a religion of peace Let’s approach this from a different¬†angle shall we because the normal questions and answers have clearly not cleared this up so far. This is an intellectual¬†and logical approach and I hope those of us that are can appreciate the simplicity of this question and those that are not, well…