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  • Flying Cars
    Flying Cars – Unique Products here we come. Check this out for 2021
  • Is your Phone hacked?
    Is your Phone hacked? Most likely! Find out why, here…
  • Ebike keeps stopping
    Ebike keeps stopping – Ebike’s have a safety feature on the breaks so the motor won’t turn on while you have the breaks pulled.
  • My Ebike
    My first Ebike is locally known as JMS 3500. Its from China. In china its called MY-20KM7 Electric Motorcycle, Brand Name: MAYA.
  • Vaccine
    Covid 19 Vaccine – Vaccinations started 8 December 2020, On 15 May 2021 vaccine doses 1.45 billion, Population of Over 7.8 Billion Today.
  • Israel vs Palestine
    Israel vs Palestine – The land and people Lost to time. From gifted to criminals – A tale of time and greed…

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