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God is Everywhere

If God is everywhere & Can See when you build a house or a creation, you want to know how it’s going so we have cameras and eyes. Maybe not like the eyes we as humans have in our faces but could be an insects eyes or maybe not even visible to us. I mean…



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Telenor mobile services pakistan

Have you ever recharged your Telenor prepaid mobile service?

When recharging a Rs500 Telenor recharge card and receive Rs300 credit is pretty bad don’t you think.

Telenor business executives need to urgently put a stop to this curruption

Avalon Nano

Avalon Nano from Ehash.com

The Avalon Nano is an addition to the line of stick miners. It is advertised as “Avalon Nano” and is a USB miner containing one A3233 core.

Avalon nano

First download the software and drivers/Quick Start from EHash: http://downloads.canaan-creative.com/software/avalon_nano/doc/tutorial/Avalon%20nano%20QuickStart.7z

BFGMiner Code: bfgminer -S ICA:\\.\COM5  -S ICA:\\.\COM6 -o stratum+tcp://litecoinp2pool.com:9327 -u username -p 1

ATO Tax On Bitcoin

ATO Tax On Bitcoin ATO The Australian Taxation Office recent guidelines on Bitcoin has classed it as an asset instead of a currency.     This means the purchase of Bitcoins will attract GST. The way to solve the problem is for the ATO to treat Bitcoin as a ‚Äúforeign currency‚ÄĚ which removes the need…