Child Theme

Child Theme

WP Child Theme A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme.   Note: ThemeName= Parent Theme /* Theme Name: ThemeName Child Theme URI: Description:ThemeName Child Theme Author: Your Name Author URI: Template:DomainName…

People say some dumb ...

Dumb Shit

Say Some Dumb Shit! Sometimes i think, am i an alien or do people say some dumb shit! Sometimes you might lose faith in ppl’s ability to learn or learn fast enough. Its totally ok if you don’t know something but if you’re not retarded and i have to explain things over and over again.…

Align Banners

Align Banners

To align images or banners next to each other in a row: Instead of paying for a Plugin horizontally align images and banners you could try this: Here is the code I used: <div style = “text-align:center”> <div style=”display: inline-block; margin-right: 1px”> [YOUR FIRST WORDPRESS CAPTIONED IMAGE or banner code] </div> <div style=”display: inline-block; margin-right:…

WP Upload

Upload Limit

WordPress Upload Limit Is The WordPress Upload Limit Giving You Trouble? Here’s How To Change It. Setting up a PHP Info File Before you even start trying out different solutions, it can be useful to try and get some details about how PHP is configured on your site. Luckily, PHP has a simple function to…

Edit wp footer

Footer Editing

Editing the footer We all need to customise the Copyright or powered by, when creating a blog or site. If your template does not give you the option to change it then once in admin section, mouse over Appearance and click Editor. Once in Editor, Choose Theme Footer on the right hand side and scroll…

Bitmain AntMiner

Quite Antminer

Antminer too noisy? IF YOU HAVE THE Antminer S7 by BITMAIN or ARE THINKING OF GETTING ONE OR TWO, THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW IT CREATES A LOT OF NOISE POLLUTION. Well of course you want it on full speed for full potential, it’s an investment! A freeway makes around 68 dB of noise and the…



Telemarketer or salesmen.  We are brought up on the notion that calling someone too much on a constant basis is harassment and a chargeable offense and even a form of stalking but I guess this does not apply to the infamous telemarketer. I’ve had just about enough of the Indians calling me a month ago,…


Influence in Life

Are we meant to influence their life? When we give advice or asking for help, are we changing or an influence on someone’s life? one might say, yes it’s good to change a life, changing one’s life for the better as we see it, is a good thing right? How does one know whether it’s good or not,…


Life to Heaven

Life to Heaven What if life was the school to Heaven? Think about it, heaven is a place of wonder, happiness, excitement, joy, love, fulfillment and satisfaction. Aren’t these what we strive for all our lives? Doesn’t that make sense? Maybe we are put on earth in order to understand these feelings and when we…

Publish all Drafts

Publish all Drafts

Publish all Drafts If you want to Publish many drafts at once in wordpress, On the Edit Posts page, click on the checkbox at the top of the left-most column to select all the posts on the page, then select Edit under the Bulk Actions dropdown. Click Apply and change the Status drop down to…

when it rains

When it Rains


When it rains trees and vegetation grows

Asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions is true intelligence!

Think about it, if you don’t ask yourself questions or others then we wouldn’t know anything.

It’s only when we ask ourselves is when we know that we don’t know and then can find out and learn.

Flat Earth

Flat Earth – must see/read! Unbelievable  If this Flat Earth Theory is true and I must say starting to sound like it, what on earth! this is crazy! how could someone do this, I assume the person/persons that started the big LIE must be dead a long time ago and no one said anything if…



2/7/2016 Its 2/7/2016 and I just woke up from this dream: Warning: scary, horror. Driving in a stolen sports car doing a massively wide turn at a roundabout in the wilderness, then hitting one of two police cars as we slide around and crash into a boulder and tumble through the grassy plains to crash into…



Random before waking: well all dreams are sort of random – Someone or something vibrating and so strong and or fast that he/it moves right through a person so fast you see the flesh of the person fall to bits and splashes on the ground first before you notice the bones next to him clasps on…



Parasite Parasite of the future. Walking through villages and jungles heard of stories of such a Parasite creature that may even have encountered them in the past. A young one asks ‘are such things real? To which I reply ‘yes of course, they whiz past at such a speed, vibrating at a frequency that if your…

Aivan Rostove

Aivan Rostove

Key name: Aivan Rostove Yes the name of the key is Aivan Rostove so the dream goes something like this: walking along a very rocky earth, stumbling upon large cracks in the earth notice giant boulders in the earth trying to escape upwards but being held down by the rocky earth in the massive crack. curious! compadre…



Get 10% cash from every single sale or purchase THEY make just by sharing your link @ chikenfeed I find Chikenfeed a great alternative to eBay, seaming its got most of the items i shop for online and a cheaper price too. Nowadays eBay has become a place for sellers to compete with each other so much to…


Belongs to the young

The world belongs to the young! For centuries the world has been run by the old tyrant and not much good has come out of it, that’s because the world belongs to the young.   It seams music and social media n such have the young generations demanding a change and in the history of…



Bancdebinary This is my personal experience with bancdebinary a couple years ago. 2015/01/13/ banc-de-binary-trading-options A few months ago I received repeated calls trying to push and talk me into joining, promising great wealth where I could sit back and earn money on autopilot. After about the fifteenth call I gave in and placed $250 with…

Fan error fixed

Fan error fixed

I think the Fan error fixed Fan error fixed – i am using the Original Delta 12038 dual ball bearings 12cm violet fan 12V 3.9A TFC1212DE from as a replacement for the original S7 Antminer Fans. funny thing i just figured out is, when you manually set the fan speed, the lower the percentage the higher the…

Delta 12038

Fan 5 Error

Antminer s7 Fan 5 Error

What the heck is wrong with this antminer even with new fans it’s still having the Fan 5 Error , first reads both as fan 3, runs fine at start up and then bang it’s looking for fan 5. what the heck!

Fan 5 Error


GHash 1


GHash.IO is a bitcoin mining pool which allows bitcoins to be mined using personal hardware or cloud-based mining power. The collective value of the bitcoin mined in this pool was over $200 million in its first year. when i just got the antminer s7:


GHash 1




GHash 2



Kano pool 1

Kano pool

Kano pool CKPool ( or kano pool is a PPLNS Stratum mining pool. It was started on the 20th of September, 2014. The pool and pool software is created and run by the CGMiner developers. The coinbase signature for this pool is: “ckpool/Kano“. my S7 at Kano pool with only one fan:      …

antminer s7

Antminer s7

Antminer s7 Running’s We should all know what a bitcoin is by now, and with it the terms bitcoin mining, well this page is about my Antminer s7 which mines for bitcoin and these are some of the screen shots from when i was trying out different pools to mine with. sure i could go…



Infolinks Infolinks is an online advertising platform for publishers, advertisers, and brands. They also work with other ad networks including Google AdSense.  The company’s products, including InFrame, InScreen, InFold, InTag, InArticle and InText, are claimed to enable publishers to create new revenue streams from their sites. In3 (Infolinks Intent Intelligence) platform analyzes text on websites and inserts…



AdSense says NO AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. Well that’s what google would like you to think, when in reality the statistics are that 99% of applicants are knocked back and i’m one of them. I opened an account with adsense a year ago and till date none of my ad units…