Daemon Monster

Daemon monster

Daemon or monster i don’t know if this was a daemon or a monster 🙁 elongated neck flies (large winged) up in trees, swoop down on its victims (humans) bite/ eating their neck one was among the humans in human form laughing and taunting one of the daemons/monsters, so when the daemon/monster bit him, he…

Email MX Records

Email MX Records

Email MX Records There are a variety of factors that affect sending and receiving email. MX records are among them. You need to have the correct Email MX Records to get your email. changing over emails from c panel account to workspace emails When changing over emails from c panel account to work space emails,…

Primary Domain in Subfolder

Hosting Primary Domain in Subfolder

How to host a Primary Domain from a Subfolder via (.htaccess) Modifying the .htaccess The following code will need to be added to the .htaccess file in the public_html folder of your hosting account. You will need to insert the following code block and make modifications as noted in the (#) comments. You will need to…

InfoLinks code

Placing the InfoLinks code

Where to place the InfoLinks code for ads Those of you, like me that are trying to place ads on your site for online revenue might realise there are extensions for ad-sense out there but i have yet to find one for infolinks. So seaming the script needs to be pasted just before the </body>…

Syntax Error

Syntax Error

HOW TO FIX The Syntax Error Unexpected token when editing order in OpenCart 2 In Recent days I have encountered many reports about the Syntax Error (SyntaxError): Unexpected end of input OK when editing order in OpenCart 2. The error looks like as image below:       how to fix this problem. You can follow steps…

MSpro Cronjob Opencart

MSpro Cronjob Opencart

MSpro Cronjob for Opencart MSpro – Anybody using Multi Scrapper for Opencart knows they need to setup a Cron Job for it, otherwise whats the point in the Automation attempt. godaddy Crone Job = wget -O – http://yourstore.com/multiscraper/process/ wget -O – http://YOURSTORE.COM/multiscraper/process/ >/dev/null 2>&1   ps: it seams every time you alter a products keywords for…

Delete Cache OpenCart

Delete Cache in OpenCart

Clear / delete cache in OpenCart manually To clear / delete cache in OpenCart follow the following steps: 1) Login to your website FTP account 2) Go to the root directory of your website code, then “system/cache” folder 3) Delete all the files in “cache” folder except “index.html” That is it, you have done. Now…

internal server error opencart

internal server error

internal server error internal server error if your getting this error on your checkout page its most likely due to your .htaccess file: If you use aliasing and the .htaccess file supplied in 0.7.8 I’ve found some servers throw up an internal error unless you comment out the Options +FollowSymlinks thus: #Options +FollowSymlinks https://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=1679 thankyou…

GTA image issue

GTA Picture Issue

GTA 5 Visual issue scrambled picture GTA V is my Favourite game probably the only game i play and now this Bloody issue, very bad picture. I have not yet found the solution. will update this post when i do.                   SOLVED: So after restoring my MSI…

wp title issue

Social Sharing Title issue

Social Sharing Title showing twice?

Go to the header.php file in your template folder and make sure that between the title tags, there’s only this code:
That should do the trick. This error is a combination of your template files with standard settings of the Yoast SEO plugin.
wp title issuefindvirgins

Post slider wd pic

Post Slider

Post Slider alignment issue Post Slider formerly known as Post Slider WD has some bugs and seaming word press has not evolved to have a custom widget area or a center page widget we are left with post slider just placing each slider on top of one another leaving the rest of your page/post looking…

footer edit opencart

Footer Editing

Footer Editing  in OpenCart: Footer editing can be a must if your theme does not allow for it, When it comes to customizing or changing an Opencart theme that can’t be changed in your admin section, can be done through actually editing the appropriate installation files files. saying this be very careful to backup before…

WP JavaScript SDK

Facebook JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK I’ve been wondering about this for a while and finally figured out where to place the FaceBook JavaScript SDK. For me it’s in relation to the Like & Share buttons for the facebook page of Wanttono, so Facebook  shows you two code snippets. Copy the first code (SDK) snippet and paste it in your theme…



Responsibility turns a male adult into a MAN Age does not make you a man, Responsibility Does! Age just makes you old, but taking responsibility for your life and decisions make you a man. Decisions like your health, education, money, marriage and kids are your responsibility if you choose to take it! They then turn…

heat bumps 3

Bumps Heat and Itch

Heat Bumps- Hot & Itchy small Bumps on hands. So last year around the same time I had this same ( Bumps ) issue I think it stopped when I threw away the vitamins tablets I got from the health store. Now known as = Pompholyx (dyshidrotic eczema) But now it has started all over again it’s…