Get Connected!

Internet a Necessity?

The Internet is a Necessity.¬† Its funny how some people out there still thing the internet is like a library book or a pay TV connection they can afford to return or turn off. The internet is an unlimited array of phone-books, maps, guides, jobs, emails, entertainment, shopping, dating, training, courses, education, encyclopedias, research, news,…

Optus Customer Service Really A Big Fat Scam?

Talking about OPTUS¬†Telecommunications being a big fat Scam. Lets not talk about the bad reception and pricing scam for the last ten years iv’e experienced, that’s to be expected and we deal with it. But what about … after hours customer service credit card details privacy international support bad communication bad products being stingy bad…

Find A Virgin

New dating concept!

Dating just anyone Wont find you Love. Dating Can really suck trying to find a suitable partner. You ever think you don’t want to waist your first love experience with someone who has already been around the block. Your first love experience with someone who doesn’t feel that exact same emotion because its not their…

No one

There is tough guys and big shots, when you bring your self down by picking on a no one, then your a no one, and free game for any no one. So a no one can take you down, So don’t be foolish and play on your level.