Avalon nano

Avalon Nano

Avalon Nano from Ehash.com The Avalon Nano is an addition to the line of stick miners. It is advertised as “Avalon Nano” and is a USB miner containing one A3233 core. First download the software and drivers/Quick Start from EHash: http://downloads.canaan-creative.com/software/avalon_nano/doc/tutorial/Avalon%20nano%20QuickStart.7z BFGMiner Code: bfgminer -S ICA:\\.\COM5  -S ICA:\\.\COM6 -o stratum+tcp://litecoinp2pool.com:9327 -u username -p 1


ATO Tax On Bitcoin

ATO Tax On Bitcoin ATO The Australian Taxation Office recent guidelines on Bitcoin has classed it as an asset instead of a currency.     This means the purchase of Bitcoins will attract GST. The way to solve the problem is for the ATO to treat Bitcoin as a “foreign currency” which removes the need…


Stop smoking with ZeroSmoke Magnets

Quit smoking with ZeroSmoke Magnets Zerosmoke is a smoking cessation device that consists of a pair of bio magnets which are worn on the inside and outside of the upper ear at a specific pressure point. The magnets work through Auricular Therapy and use the principles of acupuncture to release the same endorphins in the brain…

tesler binary trading

Tesler trading software is a Scam!

Tesler Trading is a big fat scam. Tesler & tesler 2 & tesler app Seriously, I personally don’t understand why they do it. I come across so many and now this Tesler does it really make them that much money to keep scamming people. why not just tell the truth at least in the (beginning) advertisement video that…

logo coinspot

Invest at CoinSpot Now!

Invest Now. Invest now while you can! Prices of Alternate Currency is Low at the moment, this is the perfect time to Invest in something that’s so cheap and will surely go very high in price. Remember when Bitcoin it self, went from $1 to $2000 in just a Short time. Invest as low as $1 to…


scams like these are so convincing

Scams like these are so convincing but. scams like these, you can tell by fake people, their fake accents, weird dress style, small rented jets, they don’t even fit in just watch the head. you can just tell the desperation in their voices and scripts. I have tried a lot of these scams to find…

Scarab Like

Scarab Like

Scarab Like Waking up to a Scarab Like insects 4 x 2 cm borrowed in and attached to both my legs. Remove my blanket to find Scarab Like things on both my Calf’s, in shock i try to pull them off and my fingers slip right over them as they a oval Shaped and stuck…

lj hooker

LJ Hooker

LJ Hooker LJ Hooker is a big FAT Scam! Particularly this one https://southport.ljhooker.com.au/ Almost every tenant renting with this real estate is unhappy and unsatisfied with the service and they have also accused several of their clients/ tenants of being lairs when a fault in the property is brought to their attention. Funny how growing up…