jungle movies

Jungle movies

Jungle movies – Movies or shows filmed in the jungle or jungle, forest like scenes. For those that miss or crave those special nature scenes. List of jungle movies: Mowgli (2018) Jungle (2017) War of the planet of the Apes (2017) Gold (2017) Kong: Skull Island (2017) The Lost City of Z (2016) The Legend…


Cortate (Cortisone acetate)

Cortate (Cortisone acetate) . . Cortate otherwise known as Cortisone acetate which is the main ingredient is a corticosteroid. Very little is known about this brand or this active ingredient as there is pretty much nothing online about it in terms of user experience. A Pharmaceutical company by the name of Aspen Pharmacare seems to…

Marketplace API

Opencart Extension Marketplace API

Access Extensions inside your Opencart Store via. People are having trouble with the Marketplace API thing on the top right corner so here is a solution. To begin using it for new extensions and themes, you will have to setup your Marketplace API. First, go to your OpenCart account here. Then go to Your Stores to register your shop.…



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Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are another way to advertise or be advertised. Affiliate links are also a great way to earn micro payments or income, if you have a reasonable amount of traffic to your site. Some companies or websites will give out a percentage and others will give a flat rate for referring their product or…