I think the Fan error fixed

Fan error fixed – i am using the Original Delta 12038 dual ball bearings 12cm violet fan 12V 3.9A TFC1212DE from aliexpress.com as a replacement for the original S7 Antminer Fans.

funny thing i just figured out is, when you manually set the fan speed, the lower the percentage the higher the fan speed so i have left it at 20% doing 3840 rpm, frequency to 700, temperature is surprisingly stable under 70 and its running a whooping 4,774 GH/S.

oh yes btw we have a lot more h/w errors so that’s whats next to work out..

so quite happy now after a whole month of worrying and searching for answers that were never found, still i’ll leave the air-con on to keep the room temp at 27 just to be safe ?


Fan error fixed