Begum Bilquis Edhi

Begum Bilquis Edhi Begum Bilquis Edhi was a professional nurse in Pakistan. And one of the country’s most active philanthropists. She was the co-chair of the Edhi Foundation. Which is a charitable organization in Pakistan that provides various services. Including a hospital and an emergency response service in Karachi. People call her as Pakistan’s Mother.… Continue reading Begum Bilquis Edhi

Ramadan 2022 for Muslims

Ramadan 2022 for Muslims Ramadan 2022 for Muslims has begun in April for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. It is the sacred month in the Islamic calendar. The main purpose of Ramadan is discipline and dedication. It practices Muslim how to avoid impure thoughts and deeds. In simple terms, Ramadan is an Islamic month during which… Continue reading Ramadan 2022 for Muslims

Public libraries in Pakistan

Public libraries in Pakistan Public libraries are a need of every society for the betterment of our young generation and old. A library is a place where you find peace, comfort, and knowledge simultaneously. The national library of Islamabad is one of the finest libraries. The national library of Pakistan is located in the red… Continue reading Public libraries in Pakistan

Culture as Constraint or Freedom

Culture as Constraint or Freedom Culture is a set of rules and customs that a group of people defines while living in a certain territory. These rules can be norms, disciplines, myths, believes, or simply traditions. Methods in Society: The disciplines of a society define the behavior of every individual living in a certain society.… Continue reading Culture as Constraint or Freedom

Life Found under Antarctica

Life Found under Antarctica Life Found under Antarctica; Life has been difficult in Antarctica because of severe cold temperatures. The temperature on a windy and dry day can fall below -60°C. This temperature makes life even for humans impossible to exist for long. The researchers on 16 February 2021 accidentally discovered life under the deadly… Continue reading Life Found under Antarctica

Inhuman acts of humans

Inhuman acts of humans Inhuman acts of humans, Just came through a heart-wrenching incident that took place outside. Where the cruelty of humanity and justice could be seen very clearly. Truly, I was taken aback to see two parties contracting for an animal to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim and to sacrifice that animal… Continue reading Inhuman acts of humans

Legacy of Books

Legacy of Books Legacy of Books It’s strange that we’ve much relish to adopt the ‘in vogue’ accessories than to modify the conventional words of our books. That’s why, in the vacancy of it, most students are reluctant to open the book and rapt the stuff written a century ago. The authorities pay heed to… Continue reading Legacy of Books

English a necessary evil

English a necessary evil English: A necessary evil? Over the past two centuries, English has established itself as the lingua franca of the world. 400 million people speak English as a first language and close to a billion people speak it as a second language. English has become the language of scientific research and commerce.… Continue reading English a necessary evil

Prison a suitable punishment

Prison, a suitable punishment prison a suitable punishment, Is prison a suitable punishment? Instead of giving wrongdoers simple and community service punishments, this has been a tradition in every country to put the people behind the bars for committing first-time and even minor offenses. Which, apparently cost millions to feed and provide them with luxurious… Continue reading Prison a suitable punishment


CHILD MARRIAGE CHILD MARRIAGE Considering child marriage in Pakistan is quite challenging mostly because of its associations with culture, tradition, and above all religion. Social norms are hardly established in mass communities which affect the decision-making of parents and especially girls or early age. A cause for this can be the lack of education in… Continue reading CHILD MARRIAGE

Extinction of wildlife

Extinction of wildlife Extinction of wildlife The International Union For Conservation Of Nature & Climate Change Pakistan has created the red list of endangered wildlife which includes more than 50 animals that are near extinction. That has caused an alarming situation for the ecosystem and wildlife habitat of Pakistan. Although, this is a blessed country… Continue reading Extinction of wildlife

Women status in Pakistan

Women status in Pakistan Women status in Pakistan society (past & present) Women and men are two wheels of a car, on one wheel the car cannot perform its function.  Well similarly if women nowadays in this underdeveloped country cannot work shoulder to shoulder with a man so they cannot achieve success because women are… Continue reading Women status in Pakistan