Panadol Extra

Panadol Extra Panadol extra tablet is often used to treat mild to moderate pain quickly (from headaches, menstrual periods, backaches, osteoarthritis, or cold/flu aches and pains) and to reduce fever. Panadol is manufactured in Ireland with the brand GSK. Use: This medication is taken orally or as directed by your physician. For rapidly-dissolving tablets, chew… Continue reading Panadol Extra

Surbex T

Surbex T Surbex T medication is a multivitamin product that is basically used to treat vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy. These Vitamins are important blocks of the body that helps to keep you in good health. Surbex T is manufactured by ABBOTT HEALTH, link to buy online is… Continue reading Surbex T


Betagenic Cream and Ointment Betagenic Cream is composed of Betamethasone Dipropionate and Gentamycin. Betamethasone Dipropionate is widely used for skin diseases and problems such as allergy, redness, psoriasis, and other initial to serious skin syndromes. Gentamycin on the other hand is antibacterial and used to treat internal inflammations, infections, and other maladies within the body.… Continue reading Betagenic


Tonoflex-P Tonoflex-P is an advanced and diverse composition of two distinct medicines. It is a mixture of Paracetamol and Tramadol HCL. These two components work together to relieve pain. Paracetamol is mainly a painkiller and temperature moderator. It is combined with Tramadol HCL which is also a pain killer. Both these medicines are used to… Continue reading Tonoflex-P


Osnate-D Osnate is originally composed of two chief ingredients that are ossein mineral complex and vitamin D. Ossein is a mineral that is composed of phosphorus, protein, collagen, and other minor minerals and salts that are essential for bones. Osnate mineral complex is abundantly found in bones and its deficiency cause ailments like osteoporosis, joint… Continue reading Osnate-D


Rovista Rovista is also known as Rosuvastatin is a tablet used to cure high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company Getz Pharma (PVT) Limited. This tablet is used to elevate total-C, LDL-C, non-HDL, Apo B, and triglyceride levels and increase. It lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It… Continue reading Rovista

Bon Health Plus

Bon Health Plus Tablets Bon Health Plus is manufactured by Omana Group LLC. Description: Bon Health Plus Tablets are sugar-free and provide a complete bone health formula with A combination of 9 Bone health nutrition that includes calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, vitamin C, copper, boron, manganese, and Vanadium. Supplement Facts: Vitamin C (as Ascorbic… Continue reading Bon Health Plus

Abentin Drench

Abentin Drench (Livestock suspension) Abentin Drench is a drug manufactured by SelMore Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD. This industry is located in Lahore, Pakistan.  SelMore received the first national veterinary pharmaceutical certification. SelMore deals in livestock and poultry products.  Abentin Drench is a broad range parasiticidal that is used effectively for parasites in animals. This drug is… Continue reading Abentin Drench

Surbex Z

Surbex Z (recoups vitality) Surbex Z is a multivitamin oral capsule used to restore or correct deficiencies of essential vitamins (Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) and zinc. These rich potency tablets are to be taken by individuals with poor diet, illness, or pregnancy, as above mentioned nutrients are vital essentials for a healthy diet… Continue reading Surbex Z


Cefiget (Cefixime) These Cefiget capsules are manufactured by  Gets Pharma (Pvt) Limited. Package Contains: 5 Capsules (400 mg) Description: Each capsule contains Cefixime USP..400 mg ( As Cefixime Trihydrate) Cefixime USP: It is a class of medicines mainly used to treat infections caused by Bacteria and serves as Antibiotics. It is used to treat respiratory… Continue reading Cefiget

Digas Colic Drops

Digas Colic Drops Digas colic drops are best for relief from colic pain and gas. These drops are manufactured by the well known pharmaceutical laboratory “The Medics Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd Karachi” These drops are used to relieve symptoms of indigestion, abnormal pain(colic), and gas caused by swallowing air or certain foods and formulas. Package… Continue reading Digas Colic Drops


Risek Our stomach releases HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) naturally when the brain stimulates food intake. An increase in HCL secession leads to acidity in the stomach. To cure acidity, Risek is most commonly recommended. Risek is composed of Omeprazole which is an antisecretory inhibitor mainly used for inhibiting gastric acid secretion.  The contents used in this… Continue reading Risek

Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics

Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics Saving time and cash has become the hour of need. Dental deceases detecting robots is an effort towards saving time and cash. In today’s modern and busy life, dependencies and addictions have been reduced to a great extent. To apply these phenomena in the health sector we… Continue reading Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics


Snapit – Sumatriptan & Naproxen Tablets This drug is manufactured under the brand name of a very well-known pharmaceutical company Abbott. Package Contains: 2 Tablets Each Tablet Contains: Sumatriptan I.P.  85 mg Naproxen I.P.     500 mg Excipients           q.s Colors               Lake of Quinoline Yellow and Titanium Dioxide I.P Main Components Sumatriptan-  a medicine used to cure… Continue reading Snapit

The COVID menace!

The COVID menace! The COVID menace! Pakistan is heading toward a COVID-19’s  4th wave emergency, yet the response of the Federal government has so far been unsatisfactory. Experts say the country could face a huge catastrophe if the authorities don’t act properly. “What can we do about the coronavirus? One can die of a heart… Continue reading The COVID menace!


Ispaghol Ispaghol (Husk) Husk is a safe and natural form of fiber, it is effective in constipation, intensive thirst, piles, gastric ulcer, obesity, acidity, and bowel irregularities it is not recommended for under 12-year-olds, keep away from sunlight and children. Husk gives relief in constipation and it is very effective for reducing blood cholesterol and… Continue reading Ispaghol

Convidecia CanSino vaccine

Convidecia CanSino vaccine Convidecia CanSino Vaccine is a single-dose viral vector vaccine for COVID-19 developed by CanSino Biologics. Production:  CanSinoBIO Biologics Age requirements: 18 and above Dosage: Single Dose. European approval: March 22, 2021 (Hungary) Storage: Safe, stable storage and transportation between 2°C and 8°C for three months, two months at 25°C, three weeks at… Continue reading Convidecia CanSino vaccine

3 reasons Your Body is freaking out

3 reasons Your Body is freaking out 3 reasons Your Body is freaking out “Physical exercise a day keeps the diseases at bay.” As we all know that amidst this pandemic most of the employees around the world started working from home. Even, after the quarantine, many companies have allowed their employees to permanently work… Continue reading 3 reasons Your Body is freaking out

How to make your own keto diet plan

How to make your own keto diet plan How to make your own keto diet plan Why follow an already made keto diet plan when you can create one that fits all your needs. After checking and knowing your vitals and health condition, you can finally start planning your meal schedule, you can plan it… Continue reading How to make your own keto diet plan