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Ideas & Thoughts can refer to the ideas or arrangements of thoughts that result from thinking, the act of producing thoughts, or the process of having ideas.

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Free Post Create a Free post here on       It’s not everywhere you get the opportunity to post your thoughts and experiences as a whole online so as long as it’s not offensive to anyone, your welcome to make an account and make posts here for the world to see and read and hopefully enjoy…


ATO Tax On Bitcoin

ATO Tax On Bitcoin ATO The Australian Taxation Office recent guidelines on Bitcoin has classed it as an asset instead of a currency.     This means the purchase of Bitcoins will attract GST. The way to solve the problem is for the ATO to treat Bitcoin as a “foreign currency” which removes the need…

Get Connected!

Internet a Necessity?

The Internet is a Necessity.  Its funny how some people out there still thing the internet is like a library book or a pay TV connection they can afford to return or turn off. The internet is an unlimited array of phone-books, maps, guides, jobs, emails, entertainment, shopping, dating, training, courses, education, encyclopedias, research, news,…

No one

There is tough guys and big shots, when you bring your self down by picking on a no one, then your a no one, and free game for any no one. So a no one can take you down, So don’t be foolish and play on your level.

love is to life pic

Love is to Life

Living is to loving After watching Highlander: Endgame just now looking out my window seeing the sunlight flickering on a tree leaf while listening to that last song of the movie i realize, we must be born to Love. See if God or those of you who do not believe in God then existence, wanted us to…



Responsibility turns a male adult into a MAN Age does not make you a man, Responsibility Does! Age just makes you old, but taking responsibility for your life and decisions make you a man. Decisions like your health, education, money, marriage and kids are your responsibility if you choose to take it! They then turn…

People say some dumb ...

Dumb Shit

Say Some Dumb Shit! Sometimes i think, am i an alien or do people say some dumb shit! Sometimes you might lose faith in ppl’s ability to learn or learn fast enough. Its totally ok if you don’t know something but if you’re not retarded and i have to explain things over and over again.…



Telemarketer or salesmen.  We are brought up on the notion that calling someone too much on a constant basis is harassment and a chargeable offense and even a form of stalking but I guess this does not apply to the infamous telemarketer. I’ve had just about enough of the Indians calling me a month ago,…


Influence in Life

Are we meant to influence their life? When we give advice or asking for help, are we changing or an influence on someone’s life? one might say, yes it’s good to change a life, changing one’s life for the better as we see it, is a good thing right? How does one know whether it’s good or not,…


Life to Heaven

Life to Heaven What if life was the school to Heaven? Think about it, heaven is a place of wonder, happiness, excitement, joy, love, fulfillment and satisfaction. Aren’t these what we strive for all our lives? Doesn’t that make sense? Maybe we are put on earth in order to understand these feelings and when we…

when it rains

When it Rains

­ When it rains trees and vegetation grows ­ Maybe just like some animals are hairier than others that might live in the snow or cold environments and we, people wear more layers as it gets cold, when it rains trees and vegetation grow . yes just another crazy thought ay

Asking questions

Asking questions

Asking questions Asking questions is true intelligence! Think about it, if you don’t ask yourself questions or others then we wouldn’t know anything. It’s only when we ask ourselves is when we know that we don’t know and then can find out and learn.


Belongs to the young

The world belongs to the young! For centuries the world has been run by the old tyrant and not much good has come out of it, that’s because the world belongs to the young.   It seams music and social media n such have the young generations demanding a change and in the history of…