Prison a suitable punishment

Prison, a suitable punishment Is prison a suitable punishment? Instead of giving wrongdoers simple and community service punishments, this has been a tradition in every country to put the people behind the bars for committing first-time and even minor offenses. Which, apparently cost millions to feed and provide them with luxurious facilities in jails. The… Continue reading Prison a suitable punishment


CHILD MARRIAGE CHILD MARRIAGE Considering child marriage in Pakistan is quite challenging mostly because of its associations with culture, tradition, and above all religion. Social norms are hardly established in mass communities which affect the decision-making of parents and especially girls or early age. A cause for this can be the lack of education in… Continue reading CHILD MARRIAGE


QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY REFLECTIONS QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY REFLECTIONS Another year goes, with me being older and wiser. This year I celebrated a different kind of birthday, a birthday where I was isolated at home, distant from friends, and practicing social distancing. With each passing day, I have found the value of self-reflection, and the birthday is a… Continue reading QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY REFLECTIONS


Canada Canada Imagine a country where life feels like a beautiful dream, where immigration isn’t a big problem, and where you are valued as an immigrant, that is Canada. An immigrant-friendly country, This is one of the safest countries that support immigrants which no other country does. This country has supported immigrants in numerous ways… Continue reading Canada

My Thoughts on Happiness

My Thoughts on Happiness My Thoughts on Happiness HAPPINESS IS BLISS We can become happy only if we are fully satisfied with ourselves. It’s just our inner peace that helps us be strong so never let others come ruin your comfort zone. I believe that happiness must be our highest priority, and it’s our real… Continue reading My Thoughts on Happiness


2020 & EDUCATION 2020 & EDUCATION No doubt 2020 has been a difficult and strategic year for the entire world, But the Covid 19 pandemic’s most drastic effect fell upon education. Education has been a very sensitive field in comparison with others because the students who get educated in institutions are an important asset to… Continue reading 2020 & EDUCATION

The Strays united

The Strays united The Strays united Away from the peoples’ sight hiding under a broken rusty car… Those gloomy eyes… Fearful and parched in the scorching summer, after engulfing tiny bits of food scrapes…. the furry creature waited and waited for a miracle. Waiting for some absolution to happen… Asking for nothing more than a… Continue reading The Strays united

An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj

An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj “Travel and Change of Place impart new vigor to the mind.”  One of the most beautiful and mystical adventures of my life so far was the time I streamed across the shorelines of Umluj, down the Northwest coast of Saudi Arabia and one of the… Continue reading An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj

Enduring our way

Enduring our way Enduring our way Some people or some women suffer more than others. Some people suffer more than others. Some people and some women suffer all their lives. We suffer in general. Exploitation feels like a hobby to some people. They don’t really find happiness in it. They are mindless about what they… Continue reading Enduring our way