Servis Servis Fashion is truly unique, not just for your appearance but also for every front of your personality. Basically, Servis is one of the main brands in footwear. This has been through the successive generations of management, It has been positioned as one of the most recognized brands of Pakistan. Servis, being the leading… Continue reading Servis


Elo (exportleftovers) Exportleftovers is a shopping website for outfits, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other cool elegant stuff. The website is owned by Umar Qamar who is also the co-founder of ExportLeftOvers. Elo is a textile manufacturing company that basically exports the branded clothes to around 50 countries in the world. The story of the foundation… Continue reading Elo is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It accepts multiple deposit types and supports different digital assets. It is great for both advanced users and beginners getting started with buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


Banggood is a very nice and investive e-commerce site. BangGood it not only provides great deals and a variety of products but also has an impressive drop-shipping and referral program. go to today 🙂

SSL Cheap

Cheap Affordable SSL is where I go to get SSL for my websites, they offer the cheapest guarantee and at the end of the day we just don’t want google ruining our experience with owning and running a webpage/ Blog because they decide to change the rules and deem every site without SSL as being some… Continue reading SSL Cheap

GoDaddy and other Hosting Providers tricks of the trade

Tricks of the Trade for hosting Providers like GoDaddy etc Godaddy and other hosting providers advertise their plans like it’s so cheap and they give you all this extra stuff. beware the Price! beware the file limit! beware the Upgrade! be careful not care less, you see first and foremost is the entry prices to… Continue reading GoDaddy and other Hosting Providers tricks of the trade

Investing for the Future – BlockChain, Cryptocurrency, CoinSpot

Investing for the Future Investing Can be a daunting for most of us because we don’t have much, to begin with. Knowing the reality of risk in any market especially when so many things can negatively influence anything you invest in. I’ve only invested in myself, Until NOW. See its very rare to find opportunities like This.… Continue reading Investing for the Future – BlockChain, Cryptocurrency, CoinSpot


Get 10% cash from every single sale or purchase THEY make just by sharing your link @ chikenfeed I find Chikenfeed a great alternative to eBay, seaming its got most of the items i shop for online and a cheaper price too. Nowadays eBay has become a place for sellers to compete with each other so much to… Continue reading Chikenfeed