Arq-e-gulab (Rose Water) is 100% pure and naturally extracted water from the rose. It is used for both internal and external purposes.

Rosewater has the ability to serve for health and beauty perseverance. It has no side effects on the skin or eyes even when used for the long term.

Package contains:


800 ml rose water in a plastic bottle.

It is also available in a 120 ml spray bottle.


Aqua distillate of real rose petals.

10 gm/10 ml Rosa damacena Mill.

It is useful as:

Mild laxative.

As an antiseptic tonic.

Refreshing for heart and mind.

Softens coarse skin and pores.

A good moisturizer and make-up remover.

Useful in irritation, redness, and inflammation of eyes.

Useful for flavoring purposes (foods) in the kitchen.

Other usages:

1 teaspoon full (5 ml) twice a day for up to one year.

2 teaspoons full (10 ml) twice a day for children.

2 teaspoons full (10 ml) thrice a day for adults.

Other uses:

For soft, supple, and radiant skin massage with drops.

For eye ailments, 3 to 4 drops thrice a day.

Arq-e-gulab back

For kitchen use as per taste.

Side effects of Rose Water:

Abundant use of rose water can cause an upset stomach.


Keep away from sunlight.

Shake well before use.

Manufacturing and purchasing:

Arq-e-gulab is manufactured by Marhaba Laboratories.

To buy online, go to.

By: Bahaar Abdullah