CECLOR is a semi synthetic cephalosporin antibiotic for oral administration. This medicine is used in the treatment of infections like  Otitis media, lower respiratory infection, upper respiratory infection, Urinary tract infection, skin and skin structure infection, sinusitis, Gonococcal urethritis.

Manufactured by: AGP Limited.

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Package contains:

Each package contains 12 capsules each of 500mg.

Composition: (CEFACLOR) – USP

Each cefaclor capsule contains

Cefaclor (as Monohydrate) (USP) 500mg.


Adults: The recommended dosage is 250mg every 8 hours or 1 capsule of 500mg three times a day or as prescribed by an experienced Physician.

But for more severe reactions like Pneumonia or persons with less susceptible organisms, dosage might be double.

NOTE: Total Dosage should not exceed 4 g per day.

Children: Recommended dosage is 20mg per day. But for treatment of Otitis media and Pharyngitis, the total dosage may be divided every 12 hours.

Special warnings and Precautions:

*Careful inquiry should be made before using this medicine.

* Such antibiotics should be administered cautiously to any patient who has demonstrated some form of allergy

Undesirable Effects:


Severe effects to this medicine are rare.

Diarrhea, abnormal liver function, Nausea, Vomiting, or some skin allergies like rash, pruritus etc.

Immediately consult with your physician if any of such reactions get worse.


Over consumption of this medicine can be dangerous for you. So strictly follow the doctor’s prescription, the method of use and the special instructions.

Do not repeat the same prescription without consulting your doctor.

By: Hamna Ghufran