Dayzone (Ceftriaxone) injection 1g I.V. consists of 1 vial of dry powder + 1 ampoule of solvent. It is a long-acting, broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic for Parenteral use.

It mainly treats bacterial infections. The active ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria. This injection is not recommended to newborns and patients with a known allergy.


Infections caused by pathogens sensitive to Dayzone are:

  • Sepsis.
  • Meningitis.
  • Abdominal injection.
  • Renal and urinary tract infection.
  • Respiratory tract infection.
  • Genital infections, including gonorrhea.

Package Contains:

Each packet contains 1g of I.V. of Dayzone injection.


Each pack contains:


  • Ceftriaxone Sodium USP eq. to
  • Ceftriaxone 1g.
  • Mfg. Specs.: USP.


Sterile water for injection USP 10ml.

Preparation of Injection:

Add 10 ml sterile water to the vial for making the solution.


As directed by the physician or see package insert for full prescribing information.


  • This injection is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to cephalosporin antibiotics.
  • In a patient’s hypersensitivity to penicillin, the possibility of allergic cross-reactions should be borne in mind.
Dayzone back


  • Store below 25°C.
  • Protect from light and moisture.
  • Keep all medicines out of reach of children.
  • The reconstituted solution should be administered within 6 hours if stored at room temperature.

For intravenous use only.

To be sold on prescription of a registered medical practitioner.


It is manufactured by HIGH-Q INTERNATIONAL:

You can buy this drug online by going to the link below:

By: Tayyaba Zareen