Debritone Elixir  

Debritone Elixir (Phenobarbitone) 60ml/120ml medicine is used to treat insomnia which is also known as anxiety due to which patients feel discomfort in sleep, tension and sedative. It provides a deep sleep to the breastfeeding children.

Manufactured by:

Debritone Elixir

Xenon pharmaceuticals (pvt.) Ltd.


This is used to the treatments, relief and provide comfort against the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Sedative
  • Insomnia
  • Convulsant
  • Difficult in sleep
  • Tension

And any other diseases which are not mentioned and observed by your physician. Mostly this is extremely useful for those feeling abnormal like depression or cannot sleep properly. It may also be used to control severe types of seizures.


Debritone Elixir back

Each 5ml quantity of whole 60ml formula contains:

Phenobarbitone 20 mg

Product Specifications: USP


For Adults:

One to two full teaspoons two times daily.

For Children:

Half to one teaspoon two times daily or as directed by physician.


Keep out the reach of children.

Store below 30 Degree.

Protect from:

  • Sunlight
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Leakage

Package contains:

Each package contains one 60ml or 120ml syrup bottle with info let (instructions)


Avoid to make habit of this syrup for sleeping.

This may cause following side effects which are mentioned below

  • Aggressiveness
  • Confusion
  • Problem with memory
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness 
  • Irrigation


Always check the expiry date before using.

Avoid if bottle cap seal is broken.

Avoid excessive dosage.

By: Dua Fatima