(Anti Diabetic)

Diampa-M is a drug manufactured by Getz Pharma. Getz Pharma was founded in 1995 and headquarter is in Karachi, Pakistan.

Getz has introduced a new pharmaceutical plant named Astola for which they got their first Lead platinum certification in South Asia.

Diampa-M is utilized to treat type 2 diabetes. To control high blood sugar first comes a proper exercise and diet plan.



This Anti-diabetic tablet contains the formula of:

Empagliflozin and Metformin

Type 2 diabetes is treated with the adjunct to Metformin with other precautionary measures. Sometimes it is used with other medical products with respect to the condition of the patients.

Like other glucose-lowering medicinal including insulin etc. As exercise and diet plans cannot provide adequate glycemic control. The use of this formula prevents kidney disease, heart attack, nerve disorders, dental problems, and blindness.


Diampa-M back

Used once or twice a day

The film-coated tablet is available in:

  • 10mg
  • 25mg

Other strengths are also available.

Precautions to Use:

This product contains some unused items which can give rise to allergic reactions. So if you are allergic then before taking inform your doctor about it.

  • If you are facing problems of liver, kidney dialysis, addicted to alcohol, heart problem, blood pressure issues or cholesterol issues don’t forget to tell about your medical history to your doctor to avoid multiple reaction by using multiple formulas.
  • If you are addicted to alcohol then limit it while using this medication cause low blood sugar and raise the ketone level.
  • While taking this medicine if you are facing stress or you have some eating problems like not able to eat anything or taking more diet than usual. Inform your doctor as it may raise ketone level in blood.

Find more details at: https://getzpharma.com/product/diampa-pakistan/

By: Nida Riasat