Euphrasia is used as eye drops.

It is composed of Euphrasia, Calendula and other excipients.

All these components are grown naturally as flowers and aid in manufacturing of homeopathic medicines.

Euphrasia belongs to the Orobanchaceae family and Calendula belongs to the Daisy family. Euphrasia is highly used in treating eye diseases and for eyesight. Whereas, Calendula is used in ailments related to muscles.

These eye drops are available in 10 ml plastic bottle.

Each 10 ml bottle contains 0.0909 ml of Euphrasia and 0.0935 ml of Calendula in it. Other excipients are also added for stability of the components.

Euphrasia back

In order to treat the effected eye, use one or two drops three times a day. The time and quantity to use these eye drops is prescribed by the physician or doctor.

Although These eye drops are homeopathic, but the patient must follow the prescription by physician to avoid any difficulty. Also the drops must be utilized within 15 days after opening the seal.

In order to see the best results of using these eye drops, shake the bottle well before using. Close the bottle cap firmly after using And avoid storing the bottle at areas having direct sunlight or moisture.

Do not use This eye drops in infected eyes or the eyes had an operation. If the bottle cap is not closed properly, the medicine can become contaminated and cause itching, redness, swelling of eyelid and sleeping complications.

Other side effects may include sour throat, sticky eyes, redness and nausea.

These Eye Drops are manufactured by Kamal Laboratories.

Enough details and description is mentioned at the official website of Kamal Laboratories. It is also available to purchase from their website.

There are also other websites where these eye drops can be purchased online such as and

By: Bahaar Abdullah