Bumps Heat and Itch

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Heat Bumps- Hot & Itchy small Bumps on hands.

So last year around the same time I had this same ( Bumps ) issue I think it stopped when I threw away the vitamins tablets I got from the health store.

Now known as = Pompholyx (dyshidrotic eczema)

But now it has started all over again it’s been a few days and now it’s getting more itchy almost unbearable at times so I’m online searching for clues.

About a week ago I bought the Swisse brand IMMUNE tablets and the Swisse brand SLEEP tablets but I’m not sure if the (Heat Bumps) as I call them started a day before or a day after.

I just can’t recall which day it started so I’m going to stop them and hope that it’s something in those, that’s the cause. it’s worse on my right-hand atm which also sometimes feel like there’s something moving under my skin.

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This is the closest I’ve gotten with online searches: but it’s very itchy


I’ve asked a couple of doctors and a couple of pharmacists and a few other people but the answer is always different so I don’t think I can trust their judgment anymore until some sort of tests is done to determine the fact and then the cause.

UPDATE: So it turns out after a week of not taking the supplements my hands are now better 😉          Sep 1, 2016

UPDATE A YEAR OR SO LATER: it turns out from the link above that it’s most likely Pompholyx (dyshidrotic eczema)



I’m sorry to say i have not defeated this problem and it did come back last year in summer of 2018 and i blended certain healing vegetables and mixed them with apple cider and placed my hands in them for 30 minutes and it got better.

This year in 2019 summer i have got them again and an added bonus, it’s also appeared on the sides and bottom of my big tow on my left leg, i have watched a couple of new youtube videos on the topic and was almost convinced it was Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease until i got this video here.

After reading the comments i’ve come to realise so many people are having this issue and it’s amazing that no medical company has seriously looked into what the liquid inside the bumps are and how they work to determine what causes it in some people and not other and there for find a permanent solution.

Because thing is, when your having an eruption, you feel like giving all your life savings to be able to never have this happen to you again and that stress just makes it worse so you feel like you would even cut your hands off.

anyways after reading the helpful comments on this video, i have just rubbed coconut oil and neem oil on them and they have stopped itching within ten minutes, hope it works and gets rid of them as this would be an easy inexpensive and quick solution, anyone anytime and anywhere can try.


Update 2020

i had 2 mild eruptions twice this year months apart on my hands,

i found a new useful website dedicated to itchy skin issues.


on the search for knowledge.