Indrop D

Indrop D (Cholecalciferol BP) is an injection form of Cholecalciferol which is also known as Vitamin D3.


Per ampoule is composed of 5 mg (200 000 IU) Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) along with 1 ml excipients.

Indrop D


The dose is directed by the doctor or physician.

Or see package insert.


Indrop-D can be used as a supplement to keep up the deficiency of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body in sunlight.

In case of less exposure than normal exposure to the sun, this supplement is suggested.

Using this injection can prevent bone diseases and abortion of calcium in bones.

It ultimately prevents osteoporosis and teeth problems.

Adverse effects:

Intensive intake of Vitamin D can accumulate in kidneys and cause the manufacturing of stones.

It can cause pain in the arm in the area it is injected.

Avoid using the medicine if the patient is hypersensitive to Cholecalciferol.

Indrop D back


The supplement is not a substitute for daily food and meal.

Store in shadow and dry place having no contact to sunlight and heat and temperature above 25 degrees Celsius.

The injection can be taken orally or in injection form.

Consult the doctor for proper procedure.

An inappropriate storing can deteriorate the injection.

Do not use if the medicine has deteriorated.


Indrop-D is manufactured by Neutro Pharma.

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By: Bahaar Abdullah