Ispaghol (Husk) Husk is a safe and natural form of fiber, it is effective in constipation, intensive thirst, piles, gastric ulcer, obesity, acidity, and bowel irregularities it is not recommended for under 12-year-olds, keep away from sunlight and children.

Husk gives relief in constipation and it is very effective for reducing blood cholesterol and acidity if you take it daily.

It is really important to take it with a glass of water or other forms of liquid, avoid using it for indigestion if your symptoms persist, consult your physician.

Children over 12 yrs should take 1 teaspoon daily, adults should take 1 to 2 tablespoons daily.

For constipation taking it at bedtime is preferred.

For dysentery, intensive thirst, heatstroke, and acidity take 2 tablespoons twice a day with yogurt or as directed by a physician.


Husk is available in a bottle, box, or sachet form which should be pure and refined.

Supplement nutritional facts, daily percentage, values are based on 2,000 calories diet.  Serving size: 5g or 1 tablespoon, calories 20, total carbohydrates 2%, dietary fiber 5g, soluble fiber 4g, sugar 0g.