Lavender slimming oil

Lavender slimming oil (Expression) This specially formulated slimming oil has intensive detoxifying properties which targets excess fat and cellulite, stimulates lipolysis, contours the body and clears stretch marks.

Detoxification and eliminate toxins: Effectively get rid of harmful substances, waste materials, or accumulated from your body.  

Slimming – Facilitates Lymphatic Drainage: Removal of excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up, prevention of fatty tissue accumulation under the skin. 

Lavender slimming oil

Firming of Sagging Skin: Tone, contour, and tighten your muscle to prevent flabbiness and slackness.  

Reduce Stretch Mark: Diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissues, helps to nourish and soften dry or damaged skin.


  1. Apply twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening for the most effective results.
  2. Suitable for slimming, toning and massage.
  3. Store out of the sun. for external use only. Keep away from eyes, children, and during pregnancy.


Lavandula angustifolia (Lavander), Citrus Limonum (Lemon), Citrus sinensis (Orange), Vitis vinifera (Grape seed), Citrus paradise (Grapefruit), Juniperus communis (Juniper), Vitamin E Oil.

Use Instructions:

For Massage: Can be used for full body-specific areas massage.

For Slimming: Apply on problem areas such as tummy, thigh or love handle and use cling film wrap for an hour. After the wrap, use thick blanket to cover your body for effective circulation.

For Body Care: Apply with broad circular movements all over the body. Finish by kneading between thumb and index finger, rolling the skin from thumb to index.

Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance-Free, Formulated for all Skin Types:

Lavender slimming oil back

Avoid applying on damaged or injured skin. If symptoms of increased such as rashes or itchiness appear after use. Please stop using immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

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