Loprin tablets are manufactured by the highnoon laboratory. It contains Aspirin and is Gastro protective low dose Aspirin therapy.Loprin

Package Contains: The package of Loprin (Aspirin) contains 30 tablets of 75 mg each


Each Enteric-coated tablet has an anti-thrombotic action mediated through inhibition of platelet activation. The anti-platelet action of Loprin had been demonstrated to be cardioprotective ( protects the heart) on secondary prophylaxis ( action to prevent disease) following myocardial infarction and unstable angina.

 It is indicated wherever prolonged prophylactic aspirin therapy is required.

Each coated tablet contains Aspirin B.P. 75 mg.

Aspirin 75mg Tablets are principally used to prevent blood clots from forming following a heart attack or stroke or to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in patients who have previously suffered from these conditions.

They may have been prescribed for you if you have recently had bypass surgery.

Dosage: It should be consumed as prescribed by the physician or 75-150 mg daily.


Contradictions Hypersensitivity to Aspirin, peptic ulcer disease, children below 12 years, pregnancy.


  • Keep all medicines out of reach of the childrenLoprin Back
  • To be kept away from heat and sunlight

You can purchase Loprin online from: https://dawaai.pk

Link to Manufacturer: www.hughnoon-labs.com


By: Mehwish Malik