More capsule

More capsule is a natural herbal supplement for men’s health, usually used to increase strength, energy, vitality, and improve performance. It helps endocrine functions and male reproductive health. This medicine contains nutrients that men need on a regular basis.

More capsules are composed of Tribulus terrestris, Pausinystalia johimbe, Panax ginseng, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This medicine is also effective to improve men’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems and also helps to reduce weakness and exhaustion daily and give you mental relaxation.

It is further effective for men’s health to improve sexual stamina, erection power, sex drive, and treats erectile dysfunction. More capsule


Each capsule contains:

Tribulus terrestris (USP) 500mg.

Pansinyastalia Johimbe (USP) 20mg.

Panax ginseng (USP) 100mg.

Vitamin C (USP) 60mg.

Vitamin E (USP) 100mg.

Package contains: Each pack of More capsule contains 20 capsules.

Dosage: As directed by the physician. For detailed information please see enclosed leaflet.

Side effects: More capsule back

  • Stomach Pain.
  • Cramping.
  • Diarrhea.

Note: It is a nutritional supplement and not an allopathic drug, under alternative medicine and health products (enlistment) rules 2014. (Nutritional supplement, not for the treatment of any disease).

Storage: Store below 30oC. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. Keep all medicine out of reach of children.

Manufactured and Buy Online:

Manufactured by: Mac & Rains Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd:

This medicine is not available online, but you can buy it from your nearest medical store.


By: Arslan Aslam