Primolut N

Primolut N tablets are manufactured by Bayer Pakistan (Pvt) limited.

This medicine is used to treat menstrual problems in women.


Package Contains: The package of Primolut N contains 30 Tablets of 5 mg each.


Each tablet contains Norethisterone EP 5mg.Primolut N

It is used to treat various menstrual problems including painful, heavy, or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and a condition called endometriosis.

Norethisterone is used in heavy menstrual bleeding, pain during menstruation, endometriosis, and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Norethisterone is a synthetic progestin. It works by mimicking the effects of natural progesterone (female hormone).

Norethisterone tablets can also be prescribed to delay your period, for instance, if you don’t want it to come while you’re on holiday or if you’re taking part in a sporting event.

Norethisterone is used to treat endometriosis, a condition in which the type of tissue that lines the uterus (womb) grows in other areas of the body and causes pain, heavy or irregular menstruation (periods), and other symptoms. 


Take tablets as described by your physician. The dosage is 1 tablet of Primolut N three times daily. Starting 3 days before the expected onset of menstruation and continuing for no longer than 10 to 14 days.


Primolut N back
  • Store at cool dry place.
  • Protect from sunlight and moisture.
  • Keep all medicines out of reach of children.
  • To be sold by the retailer on the prescription of medical practitioner only.

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By: Mehwish Malik