Quibron-T/SR is an inhibitor mainly used in respiratory tract diseases.

It constrains the enzymes causing the defective cells to grow and affect the area in the respiratory tract or lungs.



It is available in form of sustain-released tablets.

Each 300 mg tablet contains USP 300 mg Theophylline Anhydrous.


The dose is directed by the doctor or physician.

Consult the doctor for the duration, time, and level of dosage for this medicine.


The ingredient used in Quibron-T/SR has the ability to inhibit the enzymes that cause difficulty in breathing or any respiratory problem.

Because of this, the medicine is chiefly recommended to patients with asthma. Other functions of these tablets include treating pulmonary disorders such as bronchitis and emphysema.


The medicine should not be placed in sunlight. Store the box or tablets below 30 degrees Celsius.

The tablets should not be chewed or crushed for swallowing.

Only use as directed by pharmacist or doctor.

Adverse Effects:

The patients should have a hypersensitivity test to Theophylline Anhydrous before in taking these tablets.

Other side effects may vary from nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness to worsening breathing and upset stomach.

Manufacturing and Purchasing:

Quibron-TSR back

Quibron-T/SR is manufactured by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline).


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By: Bahaar Abdullah