Ramipace (Ramipril BP) contains Ramipril which is an inhibitor. The main function of this inhibitor is to treat hypertension by controlling high blood pressure. It also helps in preventing heart failure causes. Other side functions of Ramipril is to cure renal diseases in diabetic patients.

Due to this ingredient, the primary purpose of Ramipace is to control hypertension. By maintaining the blood pressure, other cardiovascular diseases can be prevented using this medicine too.

Ramipace is available only in the form of film coated capsules. Even the ingredient used in this medicine has no injection form yet. Hence it is only taken orally.

The dose level of this medicine varies from person to person. This drug is available in 1.25 mg, 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. The volume of dose corresponds to the quantity of Ramipril BP used in the composition of medicine.

Ramipace 2

A standard pack of this medicine contains 28 film coated tablets in it. The level of dose, time for dose and duration to take this medicine is prescribed by the doctor or physician.

Patients with a history of renal disorders or renal operation should not use this medicine. Also female having major months of pregnancy should avoid using it. Besides these, people with hypersensitivity must consult their doctor before using this medicine.

Other slight side effects may include dizziness, chest pain and instant high blood pressure. If any adverse effect worsens, seek for doctor immediately.

Ramipace is manufactured by Pharmevo (Private) Limited. All information, prescription and dosage about the product is mentioned at the official website of Pharmevo. Also a prescription detail is available to download from the website.

The medicine is also available to purchase from the website of Pharmevo. The website redirects to other websites in order to purchase the medicine online.

By: Bahaar Abdullah