RosuBar (Rosuvastatin) is the only ingredient used in the composition of RosuBar. Rosuvastatin is an inhibitor belonging to the lipid lowering medication class. Its function is to treat cardiovascular diseases and control cholesterol level.

The main purpose of RosuBar is to maintain the level of cholesterol and lipids in blood. Controlling these factors prevent cardiovascular problems such as heart stroke, heart failure and accumulation of cholesterol on liver.

This medication is available in 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. The level of dosage corresponds to the level of Rosuvastatin used in the composition of medicine. Such as 10 mg dosage contains 10 mg of Rosuvastatin in it.

The amount of dose and days of dosage is prescribed by the doctor or physician. The patient should follow the instruction of in taking the medicine to avoid any difficulty. A box of this medicine contains 10 film coated capsules.

This medication is only available in from of film coated capsules. Therefore, only method existing to take the medicine is orally. Also, no injection form of Rosuvastatin is yet available.

Usually, this medicine is recommended with a couple of other activities such as walk, controlling obesity and specific exercises. All these extensive factors are instructed by the doctor keeping the condition of patient under consideration.

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Side effects of this medicine may include muscle pain, chest pain and renal complications. Other minor side effects may include dizziness weakness. Patients with hypersensitivity must consult their doctor before using this drug of any level.

RosuBar is manufactured by Barrett Hodgson Pakistan. A brief information about this medicine is mentioned at the official website of Barrett Hodgson.

The product is not available to purchase from the website. Although there are other websites where this medicine is available to buy online. That include, and

By: Bahaar Abdullah