Zeenaryl is also called a Glimepiride drug. it is used as an oral treatment for diabetes mellitus type II. The main purpose of this medicine is to reduce blood glucose levels. This drug is usually taken before meals.

It is manufactured by: HIGH-Q PHARMACEUTICAL.


Package Contains:


Each packet contains 20 Tablets of Zeenaryl (4mg).


Glimepiride is available for oral administration as:

Each tablet contains:

Zeenaryl Back
  • Glimepiride USP: 4mg
  • Mfg. Specs.: USP

Dosage and Administration:

In Initiating treatment for non-insulin-dependent diabetes, diet and exercise should be emphasized as the primary form of treatment.

The Patient fasting blood glucose must be measured periodically to determine the minimum effective dose for the patient.

The usual starting dose of Zeenaryl is 1-2mg once daily, administered with breakfast or the first main meal. 

Those patients who may be more sensitive to hypoglycemic drugs should be started at 1mg once daily.


This drug is contraindicated in:

  • Patient with known hypersensitivity to the drug.
  • Patients with diabetic ketoacidosis with or without coma.
  • This condition should be treated with insulin.
  • Pregnant and Lactating patients.
  • Pediatric patients.


  • Store below 30’C.
  • Protect from light and moisture.
  • Keep all medicines out of the reach of the children.
  • To be sold on prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.

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By: Tayyaba Zareen