Living is to loving

After watching Highlander: Endgame just now looking out my window seeing the sunlight flickering on a tree leaf while listening to that last song of the movie i realize, we must be born to Love.

See if God or those of you who do not believe in God then existence, wanted us to hate then what would be the point in all this beauty in the world. what would be the point in such strong emotions of love and devotion, happiness and heart break, if we were meant to hate then there’s no use in such feelings and beauty. we would just be another animal like species living in a dark sun’less planet with no beauty of life just the urge to kill and maybe even eat one another.

But the Fact that we do not means our purpose or goal is to love and be loved and feel such emotions as we are even provided with such beauty in so many ways and forms.


Love Beauty


love is to life pic

# living is to loving like love is to life, you have to be alive in order to love & so loving is living.

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