I have been waiting so long to write about love. I wanted to write for love, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t contemplate my emotions. I couldn’t put it in words. Love, for me, is simply a way of being alive. A gesture to let go of yourself. The aura of charm and romance.

Love is not a duty, love is not something you can achieve, and love, at first sight, is complete utter bullshit.

Love is something you eventually fall for. Love does not make you feel complete, it makes you feel alive, it makes you feel yourself.

Love comes in different variants in different colors, in different meanings. you cannot compare your side of emotion with someone else’s.

You can rip your soul apart and give it to another person but still, he won’t reciprocate the feelings. The reason behind this is very simple, and logical.

Every person is built differently, they have different mindsets, different behavior. You can’t expect them to be the same and feel the same, just because you want them to act accordingly, doesn’t mean that they have to.

Love is like a warm cup of coffee; you have to maintain its temperature before it gets cold and ruins the flavor and aroma. There are differences between a cold coffee and a cold cup of hot coffee and that is the difference that defines everything.


Let that sink in. Let yourself breathe. don’t rush into something that’s not worth it. Don’t make hasty decisions. Don’t fall in love just because you think you have to. Fall in love when you feel that this is it.

Remember, there is no such thing as love at first sight. love is a very calculated decision. you feel it, look at the odds and then you go for it. So, take your time.

There is someone in this big, wide world, who is waiting for your love, who is your perfect match, you just need the right moment, baby.

‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.’ ~Rumi

By: Resham Kashif