My Thoughts on Happiness

My Thoughts on Happiness


We can become happy only if we are fully satisfied with ourselves. It’s just our inner peace that helps us be strong so never let others come ruin your comfort zone.

I believe that happiness must be our highest priority, and it’s our real power.


  • Know your value, Know your self respect. Never give your key to anyone else, Be the owner of your own happiness. Keep this control in your own hands.
  • Make it clear to YOURSELF that YOUR HAPPINESS SHOULD NEVER DEPENDS ON OTHERS. This will help you control your mood swings.
  • Practice charity, Help others and gain real happiness. The help can be anything, even the least thing you can do for others to help them out.
  • Spend time with real people, especially your family. 
  • Accept the good vibes. Stop focusing on the bad that is happening with you.
  • Respect yourself. When you start respecting yourself, no one will disrespect you.
  • Make it clear that you only get one life. There’s no life after this, so try to spend it in a positive way.


My Thoughts on Happiness

If you have good thoughts then no one can make you feel sad. Happiness always comes from the inside. No one will come to make you happy, it’s only you who can make yourself happy and worthy. So live happily and let others be happy because of you.

By: Hamna Ghufran