Some things just don’t add up, some things are good when they are not said and some things hurt more than everything.

It just rips out your soul from your heart and makes you sad and very broken. The thing is you are okay, just feeling fine, really being yourself, happy and contended but something happens and it’s just a minor glitch, a very small thing which doesn’t really matter but it breaks you.

It leaves you in a very bad place and you want to cry your heart out. The thing with tears is that they are not easy to shed, they are stubborn and mean and they don’t come out easily.

It’s okay to cry sometimes, it’s okay to say the things you feel, it’s okay to shout for once and for all. But you can’t because you are not supposed to do it.

You are not supposed to act like you are stupid, you are not supposed to act human. Emotions are not something that should be shown, they must be kept in a hidden place below all the drama you have to put in front of the people.

The thing which hurts the most is the way you start acting, you are not that person which anger and sadness make you. But most of the time anger gets the best of you and helps people judge you under that light.

Controlling emotion is the real game here, just start acting like nothing bothers you, start acting like you are fine, you just have to put up an act.


After all, the world is a theatre. You have hundreds of reasons to stay, just don’t hold on to that one stupid reason and make yourself a bad person.

Life is colorful. Life has music. Enjoy the light and feel the music. Don’t let yourself fall into the deep pit of self-hatred and lose your self-control because after all the goal is to survive and to live!

By: Resham Kashif