Artifen Artifen (Diclofenac Sodium) tablet is used to treat relieves pain & inflammation in musculoskeletal disorders and headache, mild migraine, muscle pain, dental pain, or painful menses. Package Contains: Artifen Package Contains 10Х10 of 50mg in the box. Composition: Each enteric-coated tablet contains: Diclofenac Sodium J.P 50mg Dosage: Usual dose is one tablet 2 to… Continue reading Artifen


Duphaston Duphaston (Dydrogesterone) are 20 film coated tablets of 10mg. Package contains: 20 film coated tablets and an enclosed leaflet. Composition: Each film coated tablet contains: Dydrogesterone Abbott specs 10mg. Dosage: As directed by the physician. For details see the enclosed leaflet. Precautions and warnings: To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical… Continue reading Duphaston


Tronolane Tronolane (Pramoxine Hydrochloride) is an anesthetic Cream for Piles/Hemorrhoids. This drug contains pramoxine, an anaesthetic that numbs the area momentarily. A rapidly acting anesthetic developed by Abbott Laboratories provides safe and effective treatment for the pain, itching burning, and discomfort that accompanies piles. Pack contains: 20gm cream. Composition: Contains clinically tested Pramoxine Hydrochloride USP… Continue reading Tronolane


Deslavid Deslavid (Desloratadine) is an anti-allergic medication used to get rid of any seasonal allergy. Pack contains: The pack has 2 film coated tablets along with an enclosed informational leaflet. Composition: It is only available in a 5mg dose. Each film coated tablet is composed of 5 mg Desloratadine (USP). Dosage: The dose should be… Continue reading Deslavid


Arinac Arinac Syrup is used for Cold, Allergies, Symptoms of cold and influenza, High fever, Back pain, Joints pain, Muscles pain, Headache, Pain in nerves, Pain in teeth, and other conditions. It is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. Ingredients: Arinac syrup contains Ibuprofen and Pseudoephedrine as active ingredients. Arinac Syrup – Packages: 60 ml Uses:… Continue reading Arinac


BeCeFol BeCeFol contains B-complex, Folic Acid, Vitamin E with 750 mg and Vitamin C. The medicine is used for heart attack, high cholesterol conditions, wound healing, diarrhea, ADHD, arthritis and more. BeCeFol is also indicated as a vitamin supplement when there’s a deficiency of some vitamins in patients due to poor eating habits or increased… Continue reading BeCeFol


BRUFEN BRUFEN is an oral suspension & composition of lbuprofen that belong to the anti-inflammatory drug category in orange flavour for children from 3+ months. BRUFEN (Ibuprofen) is used for reduces fever also it reduces pain & treats inflammation. Manufactured by Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd & their link: This suspension has been specially formulated… Continue reading BRUFEN


Somogel Somogel Gel 20g is composed of Lignocaine, Menthol, Eucalyptol, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Ethanol and belongs to the category Mouth Sores. Somogel Gel 20gm is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd. Pack Size: 20grams tube in a carton. Description: It gives fast relief from pain and soreness caused by mouth ulcers and other related ailments… Continue reading Somogel


Entamizole Entamizole (Diloxanide Furoate/ Metronidazole) is an approach in the management of amoebiasis offering therapeutic benefits over the previously regiments. Manufacturer by Abbott Laboratories. It is a combination of diloxanide furoate, a luminal amoebicide, with mentronidazole the potent tissue amoebicide. Entamizole  thus constitutes a potent and comprehensive therapy for all forms of ameobiasis. Indication: Acute… Continue reading Entamizole