AQUAVIT AQUAVIT effervescent is powder sachets in orange-flavored enriched with Calcium, Vitamin C, and B complex, it is sugar-free drinking vitamins. AQUAVIT has been particularly defined to meet the requirement of the human body. It helps strengthen bones, teeth, and gums. AQUAVIT also improves mental and physical functioning. It is especially effective during old age,… Continue reading AQUAVIT


Decalc Decalc (Calcium & Vitamin-D) tablets in orange flavor are used for treatment and prevention of low calcium levels. Package contains Each package of decalc contains 50 chewable tablets. Composition Each chewable tablet contains: Elemental calcium (as calcium Lactate Pentahydrate U.S.P & calcium phosphate U.S.P) 125mg. Vitamin-D E.P 500 i.u. Mfg. Schazoo Specs. Indications Decalc… Continue reading Decalc