Motaar Motaar (Diclofenac sodium) B.P Tablet is used for relieving pain and inflammatory joint conditions. This drug works by limiting the functions of natural enzymes (Cyclooxygenase-1 and Cyclooxygenase-2) in the body, which prevents the release of inflammatory agents. Motaar is also used to relieve pain and inflammatory conditions caused by injuries and diseases affecting body… Continue reading Motaar

Rheugin SR

Rheugin SR Rheugin SR (Diclofenac Sodium) B.P 100mg (as sustained release pellets) capsule is used for pain and inflammation. It plays an important role in skeletal disorder pain as well as muscular pain. Uses: It is also useful to maintain osteoarthrosis, acute gout (a complex form of arthritis), ankylosing spondylitis and chronic juvenile arthritis. Package… Continue reading Rheugin SR


Dimis Dimis (Diclofenac Sodium/Misoprostol) Tablet is an anti-inflammatory medicine usually used for the treatment of both chronic and acute pain such as conditions like arthritis, back pain, minor surgery pain, and joint stiffness. Each tablet of Dimis contains the active ingredients Diclofenac Sodium (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and Misoprostol (gastrointestinal agent). You may take it for… Continue reading Dimis

Dicloran Disperlet

Dicloran Disperlet Dicloran Disperlet (Diclofenac Acid) are 50mg dispersible tablets. It is used as non-steroidal, analgesic, anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Package contains: 1 pack of Dicloran Disperlet contains 2×10 tablets each of 50mg and an inner leaflet. Composition: Each dispersible tablet contains: Diclofenac Acid MS equivalent to Diclofenac Sodium BP 50mg SAMI’s Specs. Dosage: 2 or… Continue reading Dicloran Disperlet

Voveron SR

Voveron SR Voveron SR (Diclofenac Sodium B.P) is an Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-rheumatic tablet used to reduce pain and swelling of body fatigue as well as joint problems of the human body. It provides sudden relief against any type of pain. Package contains: Voveron SR contains 30 film coated tablets of 100mg in its pack.… Continue reading Voveron SR

Dyclo 50

Dyclo 50 Dyclo (Diclofenac Sodium) 50 mg tablets are manufactured by Dynatis Indus Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd. This medicine is used to treat neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. Each pack contains: Each pack of Dyclo contains 20 eccentric coated tablets of 50mg. Composition: Each eccentric coated tablet contains: Diclofenac sodium BP 50 mg Product… Continue reading Dyclo 50

Phlogin 50

Phlogin 50 Phlogin 50 (Diclofenac sodium) is used for pain, swelling, and inflammation. Package contains: The package contains 20 enteric-coated pellets and a leaf insert. Composition: Each capsule contains Diclofenac sodium BP 50mg. (Mfg. Specs, Brookes) Description: Phlogin 50 is used in the management of muscular and skeletal disorder pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthrosis, ankylosing… Continue reading Phlogin 50


Cytopan Cytopan (Diclofenac sodium + Misoprostol) tablet is manufactured by Getz pharma (PVT) Ltd. It is used to treat acute and chronic symptoms of osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. Each pack contains: Each pack of Cytopan contains 20 tablets of 50mg+200mcg. Composition: Each tablet contains: Diclofenac sodium BP 50mg Misoprostol 200mg Dosage: As directed… Continue reading Cytopan