Mega Cloud Storage

Mega or or is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand.  They give you 50 Gigs of free storage, its fast and reliable. I’m getting 1.6Mb speeds in upload that’s better than, and they claim to be the fastest. Thats realy saying something.… Continue reading Mega Cloud Storage


Free Post Create a Free post here on       It’s not everywhere you get the opportunity to post your thoughts and experiences as a whole online so as long as it’s not offensive to anyone, your welcome to make an account and make posts here for the world to see and read and hopefully enjoy… Continue reading FREE POST

Why do we live in a World of Dominance?

Why do we live in a World of Dominance? Why do we live in a world where one is better than the other or is striving to be better than another. Our reality is bound by competition, who is better than the other, even in heaven one gets a better deal then the other if… Continue reading Why do we live in a World of Dominance?

Ralink wireless USB Driver

Ralink wireless lan usb driver windows 7 I bought the ralink usb wireless lan from a chinese website, which came with a mini disk cd, and that had the drivers but i have lost it so… Now i have found it. one link to driver is Or if that does not work then here is the… Continue reading Ralink wireless USB Driver