Locyst Locyst (L-Methylfolate Calcium + B12 + B6) tablet is the most effective treatment ways offered to fight against the symptoms of anaemia & low folate levels present in patients. Uses: It is nutraceutical not for the treatment of any disease. It increases red blood cells only. Package Contains: There are 30 tablets in the… Continue reading Locyst


Diafol Diafol (L-Methyl folate, Multivitamins & Trace Minerals) Tablet is primarily indicated in conditions like Malnutrition, Vitamin deficiency. It can also be given in adjunctive therapy as an alternative drug of choice for Chronic alcoholism, Gl disorders, Pregnancy, Recovery from surgery, and Severe burns. Package contains: Each pack of Diafol contains 30’s tablets. Composition: Each… Continue reading Diafol


Methix Methix tablet L-methylfolate Calcium, Pyridoxal 5 – phosphate Methylcobalamin. This dietary supplement is indicated for the treatment or prevention of anemia (low blood count) that is associated with folate deficiency. It increases the production of red blood cells in the body. It reduces fatigue, weakness, and tiredness. Safe to use in pregnancy. Package Contains:… Continue reading Methix


Myfol Myfol (L-Methylfolate Calcium) Tablet is a supplement used to treat and prevent folate deficiency in the body. Folate is important during pregnancy and growth years. Low levels of folate can cause certain types of diseases, such as anemia. Uses: Myfol Tablet is a folate supplement used to achieve and maintain healthy levels of folate.… Continue reading Myfol