Lilac Lilac (Lactulose) is a 120ml syrup USP. Pack contains: The pack contains Lilac 120ml syrup and a leaflet enclosed. Composition: Each 5ml contains: Lactulose USP 3.35g. (together with other sugar such as galactose and lactose). Indications: Constipation & Portal systemic encephalopathy including stages of hepatic pre-coma and coma. Dosage: Constipation: Adults (including the elderly)… Continue reading Lilac


Duphalac Duphalac is an effective medicine for constipation that can be used by all except some restrictions are mentioned for the children. The active ingredient of Duphalac is lactulose, which helps to soften the consistency of stools so they are easier to pass. It is manufactured by Abbott. Description: This medication is a laxative… Continue reading Duphalac