Diampa-M (Anti Diabetic) Diampa-M is a drug manufactured by Getz Pharma. Getz Pharma was founded in 1995 and headquarter is in Karachi, Pakistan. Getz has introduced a new pharmaceutical plant named Astola for which they got their first Lead platinum certification in South Asia. Diampa-M is utilized to treat type 2 diabetes. To control high… Continue reading Diampa-M

Abentin Drench

Abentin Drench (Livestock suspension) Abentin Drench is a drug manufactured by SelMore Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD. This industry is located in Lahore, Pakistan.  SelMore received the first national veterinary pharmaceutical certification. SelMore deals in livestock and poultry products.  Abentin Drench is a broad range parasiticidal that is used effectively for parasites in animals. This drug is… Continue reading Abentin Drench

Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics

Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics Saving time and cash has become the hour of need. Dental deceases detecting robots is an effort towards saving time and cash. In today’s modern and busy life, dependencies and addictions have been reduced to a great extent. To apply these phenomena in the health sector we… Continue reading Dental Deceases Detecting Robotics