Opencart Extension Marketplace API

Access Extensions inside your Opencart Store via. People are having trouble with the Marketplace API thing on the top right corner so here is a solution. To begin using it for new extensions and themes, you will have to setup your Marketplace API. First, go to your OpenCart account here. Then go to Your Stores to register your shop.… Continue reading Opencart Extension Marketplace API

Syntax Error

HOW TO FIX The Syntax Error Unexpected token when editing order in OpenCart 2 In Recent days I have encountered many reports about the Syntax Error (SyntaxError): Unexpected end of input OK when editing order in OpenCart 2. The error looks like as image below:       how to fix this problem. You can follow steps… Continue reading Syntax Error

MSpro Cronjob Opencart

MSpro Cronjob for Opencart MSpro – Anybody using Multi Scrapper for Opencart knows they need to setup a Cron Job for it, otherwise whats the point in the Automation attempt. godaddy Crone Job = wget -O – wget -O – http://YOURSTORE.COM/multiscraper/process/ >/dev/null 2>&1   ps: it seams every time you alter a products keywords for… Continue reading MSpro Cronjob Opencart

internal server error

internal server error internal server error if your getting this error on your checkout page its most likely due to your .htaccess file: If you use aliasing and the .htaccess file supplied in 0.7.8 I’ve found some servers throw up an internal error unless you comment out the Options +FollowSymlinks thus: #Options +FollowSymlinks thankyou… Continue reading internal server error

Footer Editing

Footer Editing  in OpenCart: Footer editing can be a must if your theme does not allow for it, When it comes to customizing or changing an Opencart theme that can’t be changed in your admin section, can be done through actually editing the appropriate installation files. Saying this, be very careful to backup before editing… Continue reading Footer Editing