Biflor Biflor (Lyophilized Saccharomyes Boulardii) sachets is for oral use. Saccharomyes Boulardii is a new biotherapeutic agent. It is a French research product, which acts in the intestine in a living state, Restores normal bowel flora that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria; stimulates local immunity; promotes water reabsorption in colon. Antitoxin activity: It acts… Continue reading Biflor


Racedo Racedo (Racecadotril) Sachet is Granules for oral suspension used for the treatment of acute diarrhoea it reduces the hypersecretion of water that may be caused by diarrhea. It is a helpful and useful medicine for the treatment of acute diarrhoea. This medicine contains the active ingredient of Racecadotril. Racedo Powder/Sachet belongs to the group… Continue reading Racedo


HIHG-C-1000 HIHG-C-1000 is high potency Calcium + Vitamin C Sachets in form of powder and in orange flavored. It is used for the good health of skin, make teeth & bones strong, prevent Vitamin C & Calcium deficiency in the body. Lower the high blood pressure, also use for heartburn and for other stomach problems.… Continue reading HIHG-C-1000