Lagita Advance

Lagita Advance Lagita Advance (Sodium Alginate + Potassium Bicarbonate) is an advanced formula of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of this medicine. It is BP specs sugar-free syrup120ml (approx) for rapid relief from heartburn & indigestion. Composition: This medicine is an oral suspension in which each 10 ml is composed of: 1 gram Sodium… Continue reading Lagita Advance


NovoTEpH NovoTEpH (Esomeprazole) is used in reducing acidity in the stomach. Esomeprazole is an inhibitor (proton pump) used mainly in curing ailments related to the stomach and tracts leading to the stomach. Its main treatment includes GERD, GORD, and acidity. Composition: The package contains 14 capsules. Each 40 mg capsule is composed of 40 mg… Continue reading NovoTEpH