Public libraries in Pakistan

Public libraries in Pakistan Public libraries are a need of every society for the betterment of our young generation and old. A library is a place where you find peace, comfort, and knowledge simultaneously. The national library of Islamabad is one of the finest libraries. The national library of Pakistan is located in the red… Continue reading Public libraries in Pakistan

United we stand

United we stand United we stand; In past times, people lived individually near the Nile River and other surrounding areas. They followed the concept of living alone and that brought nothing but chaos and destruction. The people starved to death if there was too short rain. In the case of too much rain, water overflowed… Continue reading United we stand

A journey from Fear to Love

A journey from Fear to Love A journey from Fear to Love: Fear never allows one to move ahead in life or cross the ambit of confusion. And nobody thinks on a vast level until and unless he crosses that border of fear. My fear always intimidated me from discovering new things and new ideas.… Continue reading A journey from Fear to Love

Inhuman acts of humans

Inhuman acts of humans Inhuman acts of humans, Just came through a heart-wrenching incident that took place outside. Where the cruelty of humanity and justice could be seen very clearly. Truly, I was taken aback to see two parties contracting for an animal to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim and to sacrifice that animal… Continue reading Inhuman acts of humans

Prison a suitable punishment

Prison, a suitable punishment prison a suitable punishment, Is prison a suitable punishment? Instead of giving wrongdoers simple and community service punishments, this has been a tradition in every country to put the people behind the bars for committing first-time and even minor offenses. Which, apparently cost millions to feed and provide them with luxurious… Continue reading Prison a suitable punishment