Thiolax Thiolax (Thiocolchicoside) capsules belong to a group of medications called Anti-inflammatory or Analgesics. It works by stopping the pain signals from the muscles to reach the brain. It is also thought to relax the muscular movement by acting on receptors in the nervous system that are involved in the regulation of muscle function. Uses:… Continue reading Thiolax


Muscoril Muscoril (Thiocolchicoside) is a Skeletal muscle relaxant Capsule used to reduce inflammation and pain, because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It belongs to the muscle relaxant class and is used to manage acute and chronic painful muscular problems. Muscoril Capsule contains Thiocolchicoside as an active ingredient and is given as adjunct treatment. It… Continue reading Muscoril


Relspasm Relspasm tablet also called Thiocolchicoside is used to reduce pain in muscles. It acts on the center of the brain and spinal cord thus helps to remove muscle stiffness. It is also called a muscle relaxant. It is manufactured by WILSHIRE LABORATORIES (Pvt) Ltd. Indications: Treatment of the painful muscular contractures in acute… Continue reading Relspasm