Responsibility turns a male adult into a MAN Age does not make you a man, Responsibility Does! Age just makes you old, but taking responsibility for your life and decisions make you a man. Decisions like your health, education, money, marriage and kids are your responsibility if you choose to take it! They then turn… Continue reading Responsibility

Dumb Shit

Say Some Dumb Shit! Sometimes i think, am i an alien or do people say some dumb shit! Sometimes you might lose faith in ppl’s ability to learn or learn fast enough. Its totally ok if you don’t know something but if you’re not retarded and i have to explain things over and over again.… Continue reading Dumb Shit

Life to Heaven

Life to Heaven What if life was the school to Heaven? Think about it, heaven is a place of wonder, happiness, excitement, joy, love, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Aren’t these what we strive for all our lives? Doesn’t that make sense? Maybe we are put on earth in order to understand these feelings and when we… Continue reading Life to Heaven

When it Rains

­ When it rains trees and vegetation grows ­ Maybe just like some animals are hairier than others that might live in the snow or cold environments and we, people wear more layers as it gets cold, when it rains trees and vegetation grow . yes just another crazy thought ay