Ulcenil Ulcenil syrup works as an acid reducer. It is sugar-free in banana and cherry flavor. Uses: It is used for the prevention/treatment of heartburn, hyperacidity, and dyspepsia. Package contains: Each package contains Ulcenil suspension of 60ml. Composition: Each 5ml contains: Famotidine USP 10mg. (Siza’s Specs) Dosage: Adults: (over 12 years) one teaspoonful (5ml) once… Continue reading Ulcenil


Ulcenil-20 Ulcenil-20 Famotidine tablets are manufactured by Siza International (Pvt) Ltd. This medicine is an antacid and is used in the treatment of stomach-related issues. Package contains: The package of Ulcenil-20 contains 2 strips of 20 Famotidine tablets; 10 tablets in each strip. Composition: Each 20 mg tablet contains Active ingredient; Famotidine U.S.P. 20 mg… Continue reading Ulcenil-20