Canada Canada Imagine a country where life feels like a beautiful dream, where immigration isn’t a big problem, and where you are valued as an immigrant, that is Canada. An immigrant-friendly country, This is one of the safest countries that support immigrants which no other country does. This country has supported immigrants in numerous ways… Continue reading Canada

Apple Software

Apple Software Apple Software I keep surfing the internet and love downloading and testing various software. Recently I downloaded some Apple, Inc. software which they made for Windows users. As I preceded their installation, the installation process was different from other apps which Microsoft developers or other local developers build. The installation setup was simple,… Continue reading Apple Software


2020 & EDUCATION 2020 & EDUCATION No doubt 2020 has been a difficult and strategic year for the entire world, But the Covid 19 pandemic’s most drastic effect fell upon education. Education has been a very sensitive field in comparison with others because the students who get educated in institutions are an important asset to… Continue reading 2020 & EDUCATION