Velon-M Velon-M (Vildagliptin and Metformin) Tablet is usually used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is also helpful and effective for the prevention of this disease. Diabetes type 2 can lead to hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia can cause various health issues such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage and neuropathy or nerve damage. Velon-M tablet is… Continue reading Velon-M


Metalip Metalip (Vildagliptin/metformin HCl) Tablets are indicated as an adjunct to food plan and exercising to enhance glycemic management in adults with kind two diabetes mellitus. Pack contains: Each pack of Metalip contains 14 tablets of 50mg / 1000mg. Composition: Each film-coated tablet contains: Vildagliptin 50mg. Metformin HCI 1000mg. (Navegal’s Specs.) Dosage: As directed by… Continue reading Metalip


Vilget-M Vilget-M (Vildagliptin + Metformin HCl) tablet belongs to a group of drugs known as dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors, which show the effectiveness by increasing the amount of insulin produced by your body. Metformin belongs to a group of medicines known as biguanides, which work by restoring your body’s proper response to insulin. Package Contains:… Continue reading Vilget-M


Metliptin Metliptin (Vildagliptin + Metformin HCl) tablet is used with a healthy diet and proper exercise to control high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Uses: Metliptin Tablet is composed of Vildagliptin + Metformin. Vildagliptin belongs to a group of medicines known as dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitors. Metformin belongs to a… Continue reading Metliptin

Galvecta plus

Galvecta plus Galvecta plus (vildagliptin + metformin HCL) tablets are manufactured by NovaMed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd and marketed by Pharmevo. Biz. This medicine is used in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. Each pack contains: Each 50/850mg pack of Galvecta contains 14 tablets. Composition: Each film coated tablet contains: Vildagliptin…..50mg Metformin HCL….850mg… Continue reading Galvecta plus


Ziabex-M Ziabex-M (Vildagliptin + Metformin HCI) 50mg + 500mg tablet is used to treat diabetes type-2 Mellitus. Vildagliptin works in part by increasing the amount of insulin produced by your body. It also reduces the amount of a substance called glucagon being produced by your pancreas. Pack contains: The box contains 14 tablets in total. Composition:… Continue reading Ziabex-M


Tinmet Tinmet (Vildagliptin + Metformin HCl) tablet helps to control the blood sugar level. It works by making the pancreas produce insulin and less glucagon (effect of vildagliptin) and also by helping the body to make better use of the insulin it produces (effect of metformin). Vildagliptin is an effective and well-tolerated treatment option in… Continue reading Tinmet