Osteogen DZ

Osteogen DZ Osteogen DZ Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D3 + Zinc supplementing the essential calcium complex tablets are used to improve bone health, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Package contains: Each package contains 30 tablets. Supplement Facts / Composition: Each tablet contains: Calcium Carbonate (BP) 660 mg Vitamin D3 (USP) 200 IU Magnesium… Continue reading Osteogen DZ


Calamine Calamine is a 120 ml (approx.) lotion USP for heat rash which is used as a soothing, protectant, antiseptic and effective against heat rashes. Pack contains: 120 ml (approx.) lotion. Composition: Each 100 ml contains: 8 gm Calamine, 8 gm Zinc Oxide, 2 gm Glycerin,  25 ml Bentonite Magma. Calcium hydroxide topical solution a… Continue reading Calamine


Desitin Desitin is a paste for diaper rash & paraben-free strength formula tested by dermatologists. It provides powerful and long-lasting relief for your baby’s tender skin that is the reason that it is the #1 choice of pediatricians & moms. The rich, thick formula with maximum strength contains the maximum level of zinc oxide to… Continue reading Desitin